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What is Family Violence?

Family violence refer to behaviours that wilfully or knowingly cause hurt and places a family member in fear or hurt, confining or restraining a family member against his/her will, and causing continual harassment with the intention and knowledge of causing anguish to the family member (Women's Charter, 2009)



PLaces where I can get help from:

The National Anti-Violence and Sexual Harrassment (NAVH) Helpline is available 24 hours if you or someone you know is encountering child abuse, adult abuse, vulnerable adult abuse or family violence-related matters. Available in English, Mandarin, Malay, Tamil. 

NAVH Helpline: 1800-777-0000

If you are at risk of or contemplating suicide, please call Samaritans of Singapore (SOS) 24-hour hotline. 

SOS: 1800-221 4444

For helplines and NGOs outside of Singapore, please visit Lila

Protection Specialist Centres

There are three centres (PAVE, Trans Safe Centre, Care Corner Project Start)

where you get support,

including applying for a

Protection Order


Call 999 or go to the nearest neighbourhood Police Post or Center for help

Family Service Centers

Go to the nearest family service centre for help or if you need someone to talk to

Call Hotlines

There are various hotlines available if you need support. However, if you are in imminent danger, please call 999

Family Justice Court/Syariah Court

You can apply for Protection Order or Expedited Order at Family Justice Court 

Do you still have questions about your situation or where to seek help? Write to our helplink about your situation and we will assist to refer you to the relevant social services agencies in the community.

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