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Listening Circles for Men

What is a Listening Circle?

A Listening Circle is a process where a few individuals come together to share about their experiences during challenging times without judgment and criticism.


The circle process establishes a safe place for all to have the opportunity to speak without interruption and promotes self-exploration and self-compassion in an empathic and supportive atmosphere. As listeners in this circle, we allow one another to feel heard and understood through our reflection and active listening.

In times of distress and challening situations, we experience anxiety, fear and sadness. This is a time when social connectedness is critical to reclaim one’s emotional well-being. The circle is not a counselling session. It is also not a platform for problem-solving.

We hope that through a Listening Circle, men feeling stressed and experiencing violence in their relationships can have the opportunity to speak about their experiences without judgment in a safe and supportive environment that promotes self-compassion and connectedness.

What will happen in a Listening Circle?

All of us participating in the circle will safeguard this safe space by:

  1. Answering only the questions asked

  2. Speaking for yourself and only when it is your turn

  3. Refraining from commenting on what others have said or giving advice

  4. Being respectful at all times


Whatever is shared in the circle remains in the circle. However, the circle facilitator may have to disclose information of harm to self or others, and possibly stop the process for the safety of all the participants.

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